Chapter One

Berachot 2a - 1: The evening Sh'ma (pt 1).
Berachot 2a - 2: The evening Sh'ma (pt 2).
Berachot 3a: R. Yose learns to stay away from ruins.
Berachot 3a, pt. 2: The destruction of the Temple.
Berachot 5b: R. Chiyya picks an inopportune moment to bother R. Jochanan about why God takes away children.
Berachot 5b, pt.2: R.Eleazar falls sick, and R. Jochanan goes to visit him.
Berachot 6a: If the eye had the power to see them, no creature could endure the demons.
Berachot 6b: A surprise visit and decapitation by Elijah.
Berachot 6c: What is written in the tefillin of the Lord of the Universe?
Berachot 7a - 1: R. Yishmael dreams of the Temple.
Berachot 7a - 2: Cursing people with roosters: some dos and don'ts.
Berachot 7b: Go to minyan!
Berachot 8a: Why you shouldn't sit on the bed of an Aramean woman.
Berachot 8a - 2: 903 species of death were created in this world.
Berachot 8b: It's Mede madness!
Berachot 10a: Beruriah explains tshuvah to R. Meir.
Berachot 10a - 2: Wisdom's body.
Berachot 12b: Shaul haMelekh is at a loss.
Berachot 13a: The many troubles of Israel.